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June 23rd - 23 giugno

- Spancil Hill - [Traditional Irish - Tradizionale irlandese] ("It being on the twenty third of June, the day before the fair") [see note - vedi nota in calce]

The 23rd of June - The Clancy Brothers, Tommy Makem [here in a version by Ciaran MacGillivray, Fiona MacGillivray, Claire Pettit, Bruce Timmins, here in a version 23rd June by The McCalmans, here as Being on the 23rd of June by Seoirse, and here by Todd Menton]Paddy Rolling Stone - Shane Mac Gowan [parody of The 23 of June]
- Listening to Outkast, June 23, 2014 - JR JR

- June 23 - Philip Boone
- 23 June 2000 - John S. Gray

- Exhibit: June 23, 1985 - John Oliver, Renée Saklikar
- June 23rd - Josh Rennie-Hynes
- 23 of June - Kate & Max
- The 23rd of June - Quay Porters
- June 23rd - Sojourn
Entro il 23 - Mp2 (lyrics - testo)

Note: Spancil Hill or in original spelling Spancilhill is a traditional Irish folk ballad composed by Michael Considine (1859-1873), who was born in Spancil Hill and emigrated to the USA. It bemoans the plight of the Irish immigrants who so longed for home from their new lives in America, many of whom went to California with the Gold Rush. This song is sung by a man who longs for his home in Spancill Hill, County Clare, his friends and the love he left there. All the characters and places in this song are real. Spancil Hill is located in County Clare, Ireland, just outside Ennis on the road to Tulla. Spancil Hill Fair is one of the oldest horse fairs in Ireland. It is held annually on 23 June. (Source Wikipedia, more info and lyrics avalaible at the same link). The songs has been recorded by numberless singers and bands including: The Corrs, An Beal Bocht, An Cat Dubh, Ann Mooney, The Baileys, Barbara Dunne, Beltaine, Black Irish Band, Blaggards, Brendan Shine, Brian Maskew, Brian Roebuck, Brick Top Blaggers, Brier, Celtic Hearts, Celtic Seamus, Charlie and the Bhoys, Cod Gone Wild, The Corrib Folk, Cumhachd, Damn the Weather, Dan, The Farmers, Dave & Julie Evardson, Dave Holodiloff, Derina Harvey Band, The Dubliners, Ellis Island, Ernest Lyons, Faolan, Fenian Folk, Fraid Knot, Future Folk Orchestra, Govannen, The High Kings, Howard Baer, Jim Brannigan, Jim McCann, Johnny Logan & Friends, Johnny McEvoy, Lissakeole, Liz Madden, Longford Row, Mark Butler, Murder the Stout, Network Music Ensemble, The New Millennium Chorus & Symphony Orchestra, The O'Neill Brothers, Paddy Reilly, Pat Woods, Peg Dolan, Phil Coulter, The Prodigals, Sam Reid, Sean Dynas, The Shannon Singers, The Spirited Lads, Switchback, The Tinker's Own, Vey and Reynolds, The Whiskey Brothers, The Wolfe Tones.

"...E oggi è il primo di giugno / E invio al cielo il mio patto / Ed entro il 23 tu amerai me..." (Entro il 23)

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