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July 4th - 4 luglio

4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) - Bruce Springsteen

Independence Day - Bruce Springsteen
4th of July - Soundgarden
4th of July - U2
Night Ride Home - Joni Mitchell

The Irish Rover
 - (Irish traditional - Tradizionale irlandese) "On the forth of July / We set sail from the sweet cove of Cork"

A Sweet Little Bullet from a Pretty Blue Gun - Tom Waits
I ragazzi della Senna - Cristina D'Avena (vedi nota in calce)

4th of July - Sweet
Firework - Katy Perry (lyrics-testo)

Mister 4th of July - Joe Byrd & The Field Hippies
4th of July - Ani Di FrancoFourth of July - Robert Earl Keen
Fourth of July - Sufjan Stevens

Fourth Day of July - Tom Rapp
- Fourth of July - Fall Out Boy
Fourth of July - Mariah Carey
- Fourth Of July - Galaxie 500
- Fourth of July - Tiny Moving Parts
- Fourth of July - Marco Bianchi
- Fourth of July - little hurricane
On the Fourth of July - Biréli Lagrène, Sylvain Luc
- Little Fourth of July - Petite League
Three Stooges On the Fourth of July - Colby Yates
Miss Fourth of July - Bon Jovi
- Fourth of July - Champion
Fourth of July - Mike Krol
- Fourth of July - Luke Mitchell
Fourth of July - Tweeb Gladwell
- Fourth of July - Danny Dezinna
Fourth of July - Mike Walter
- Fourth of July - Denny Brown
- On the Fourth of July - Luba Mason, Dori Caymmi, Kenny Loggins
- Fourth of July - The United States Air Force Band
Fourth of July - Jono Manson
- Fourth of July - Cat Mclean
Fourth of July - David Zimmer
- Fourth of July - Amadeus The Stampede
Fourth of July - Howard Lee
- Fourth of July - My Roaring Twenties
Fourth of July - Big Pants
- Fourth of July - Chris Gibbs
Fourth of July - Kent Schloch
- Fourth of July - Lynn Manderson
- Fourth of July - James Willaman
Fourth of July - Roan Van As
- Fourth of July - Megan Moore
Fourth of July - Punchinello
- Fourth of July - Vivian and Phil Williams
- Yankee Rose - David Lee Roth [
Firecrackin' on the fourth of July - Testo/Lyrics]
Fourth of July - Mishka Shubaly
- Fourth of July - Elias & The Wizzkids
Fourth of July - Jonathan Winters
- Fourth of July - Danny Dezinna
Fourth of July - Nathan Halpern
- Fourth of July - The Wheels
- Fourth of July - Cannonball Cole
Fourth of July - Fireflies
- Fourth of July - Alison Wood
Fourth of July - Kathy Ziegler
- Fourth of July - Damian Smith
Fourth of July - Dave Gardner
- Fourth of July - Bobby Llama
Fourth of July - Musical Chairs
- Fourth of July - Porter and the Pollies
Fourth of July - Wilson Fifer Roses
- Fourth of July - The Memories
- Fourth of July - Tom Hiel
Fourth of July - Swirl
- Fourth of July - Muhaw
Fourth of July - Catherine Feeny
- Fourth of July - Morton Gould and His Symphonic Band
Fourth of July - Princess Party Mountain
- Fourth of July - Kenn Sparks
- Fourth of July - Matt Delbridge
Fourth of July - The Flashcubes
- Fourth of July - Kevin Meisel
Fourth of July - Burn Down Tempo
Fourth of July - Steve Sullivan & The Factory
- Fourth of July - Dave Alvin & The Guilty Ones 
Fourth of July - Soltero
- Fourth of July - Revision Text
- Fourth of July - Kemistry
Fourth of July - The Doctors Fox
- Fourth of July - Nolan McKelvey and 33
- Fourth of July - Matt Whipkey and Anonymous American
Fourth of July - Patrick Hambrecht
- Fourth of July - Left is West
Fourth of July - Ariel Abshire
- Fourth of July - Ty Kovatch
Fourth of July - Cruiserweight
- Fourth of July - Kevin Dunn
Fourth of July - The Thousand Pities
- Fourth of July - Making Dinner
- Fourth of July - Mary McAdams
Fourth of July - Big Jack Johnson With the Cornlickers
- Fourth of July - Zonixx The Band
Fourth of July - Atherton
- Fourth of July - Vanessa Barbee
Fourth of July - Scott Orr
- Fourth of July - Mare Wakefield
- Fourth of July - David Francy
Fourth of July - Solarists
- Fourth of July - Chris Murray
Fourth of July - Barbara Lamb, Vivian Williams
Fourth of July - Trampskirts
- Fourth of July - Lowry
Fourth of July - The Capsules
- Fourth of July - Tara Chiusano
- Fourth of July - The Well Wishers
Fourth of July - Carlos Cervantes
- Fourth of July - Rosalie Sorrels
Fourth of July - Lori Carson
- Fourth of July - Matermathu
- The Fourth of July - Jown Ewbank
The Fourth of July - Justin Farren
- Fourth of July - The Measure[sa]
- Fourth of July - Heathen Sons
Fourth of July - Jane Lippman
- Fourth of July - Rich DePaolo
- Fourth of July - Newbury Park
- Fourth of July - Sound of Birds
Fourth of July - Jon Carter
- Fourth of July - SEND MEDICINE
- Fourth of July - Close to Home
- The Fourth of July - Karen Javitch
- Fourth of July - A Celebration to Uncle Sam - Patriotic Fathers
- Born on the Bayou - Creedence Clearwater Revival
["And I can remember the forth of July"]
- Caution - The Killers ["
Never had a diamond on the sole of her shoes Just blacktop white trash straight out of the news Doesn’t like birthdays, they remind her of why She can go straight from zero to the Fourth of July"]                   
- Happy Fourth of July - Golden Boy (Fospassin)
- Good - Better Than Ezra ("Well, maybe I'll call or write you a letter, now, maybe we'll see on the Fourth of July")
- Saturday in the Park - Chicago ("Saturday in the park I think it was the Forth of July")
Fourth of July - Close to Home
- Born On The Forth Of July - Tom Paxton

Nota: I ragazzi della Senna, sigla del cartoon Il tulipano nero, contiene un errore storico in quanto colloca al 4 luglio la Presa della Bastiglia (e il conseguente avvio della Rivoluzione Francese) avvenuta in realtà il 14 luglio 1789.

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  1. C'e' anche questa: X - 4th of July

  2. Ci sarebbe anche "good" dei Better Than Ezra, che dice "Well, maybe I'll call or write you a letter, now, maybe we'll see on the Fourth of July." credo che vada bene :)

  3. Ciao! per il 4 di luglio tra le tante c'è anche Born on the Bayou dei Creedence

  4. Può starci anche Caution dei The Killers dove la seconda strofa dice: "Never had a diamond on the sole of her shoes
    Just blacktop white trash straight out of the news
    Doesn’t like birthdays, they remind her of why
    She can go straight from zero to the Fourth of July"
    Stefano R.

  5. Chicago, "Saturday in the park": "saturday in the park I think it was the Fourth of July "


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